Children are a special part of the body of Christ. They are worth all of the time we can invest in them. The Vineyard provides children from birth through sixth grade with a place where they can learn God's principles in practical ways in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and fun.

Because we are committed to teaching each child according to his or her age ability to understand spiritual truths and experience God, we do not have our children in our worship service except for special family worship Sundays. While adults are attending Sunday Celebration, the children are worshipping the Lord in a way appropriate to them and learning foundational truths about salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Every class is staffed by committed volunteers and parents who are concerned about the spiritual and physical development of each child. Our goal is not just to impart Bible knowledge but to have each child experience the life and the love of Jesus. Because we view the home as the primary source of spiritual training and nourishment, we are also committed to equipping parents to teach their children and to impart a lifestyle of worshipping God and walking with Him.

We are constantly upgrading our ministry to children because we feel we cannot be anything less than excellent in reaching these who are close to the heart of God.

Vineyard New Haven 870 First Avenue, West Haven, CT, 06516 203-933-7006

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Vineyard New Haven 870 First Avenue, West Haven, CT, 06516 203-933-7006