Philosophy of Missions...

From Scripture and in church history, we find that God’s primary instrument for His mission has been the local church.  We believe it is God’s desire for the local church to realize its potential to evangelize and build disciples from their own locale and around the world.  We believe this happens most effectively when local churches partner together, using their resources to focus on a specific nation or people group (Acts 2-3; 13-21).  

This approach avoids the “scattergun” method of giving a little support to a number of people, yet not being able to develop deeper relationships with those we support. By focusing our mission efforts, we can have a significant impact not just financially but relationally as we are able to invest in the lives of those we support. We do provide limited support to missionaries from different sending agencies but our goal is to keep our mission efforts focused. Opportunities to be Involved in Missions...

  • Pray - "Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field". Prayer requests for our missionaries are posted in the weekly Prayer and Fasting list.
  • Learn - Increase your understanding and awareness of missions through seminars, conferences, literature, and tapes.
  • Grow - Mature with other believers toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Give - Know that your contributions are used to bring the Gospel to the nations. We encourage each church member to become an Associate Member of Partners For Spain.
  • Go - Participate in the regular Prayer Tours to Spain or other short-term opportunities in that are available.
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